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Lasermap Image Plus is an operating division of PHB Group, an independent, private company. The company has owned its Optech airborne lidar equipment since its incorporation and has the detailed knowledge of its integration and operation, Lasermap Image Plus has complete capability to provide fully accurate and detailed lidar digital terrain models and digital imagery.

This knowledge, acquired through more than 10 years of experience, ensures accurate positioning of the airborne survey system and intelligent processing of the data. Lasermap Image Plus are located in Boisbriand north of Montréal, Canada.

The company has additional representatives in South America and Asia.

Lasermap Image Plus has set the standard for high accuracy lidar surveys using Optech lidar equipment and the best available digital imaging systems. Reliability and accuracy are the hallmark of Optech lidars and Lasermap is pleased to use a world class system backed by the manufacturer.

Lasermap has completed projects from three square miles to more than 500 square miles in size in North America and around the world. Our multi-lingual staff has operational experience in numerous countries.

Lidar with optional digital imaging is our business so we have to be very good at it!
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